Wizpack Event

Mosafer celebrates the launch of Wizpak, The world's first wearable luxury sound system with names like Riri, Midnight, Lemonade, Madness, Camo and Panda. The WizPak™ is a 4-in-1 Smart Bag which allows you to go to the beach, the gym, the boat, dance studio, park or classroom and enjoy your favorite tunes. The quality and concept behind the WizPak™ is a blend of Apple®, Bose® and Gucci® in nature. To celebrate the innovation, who better than the entrepreneurial crowd of New York City. Ashraf Abu Issa, chairman of Abu Issa Holding was joined by Ronaldhino, Derek Jeter and a host of Ashraf's former Harvard Crew, from the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity. They inaugurated the brands first door in New York. Available now, at Mosafer on 57th and 5th. #MosaferMeansTravel #WizpakNationsGrows

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We want to create a space that meditated on the Art of Travel by curating the best international brands with new and innovative products developed in-house. The Art of Travel is our guiding vision, to create travel products that inspire a way of life, one that is digitally connected. Mosafer cares to remove the pain points in the experience of travel, and to enable the absorption of the richness of the world.