About us

About Mosafer

Travel is more than just a way of going places. At Mosafer we believe that it is an art: the way you pack, the type of bags you use and the essential accessories you carry, all are designed to improve your lifestyle as a traveler and to help you enjoy enormously your journey and your destination.

As a young Qatari businessman and the Chairman of Abuissa Holding, Ashraf Abu Issa took over a family business decades ago. He travels frequently, not only for business, but for leisure too. And if you travel a lot, you’ll wear out a lot of luggage, not only because of frequent use, but also because of the changing needs for each trip or destination. Ashraf discovered that achieving comfortable travel was quite a challenge.

On every trip, he found himself having wonderful inspirations for products that could make each journey an adventure in luxury – but nobody seemed to offer the things he needed. He dreamed of a store where travelers could find everything they needed and more.

So our weary wanderer, who knew that there must be a better way to travel, became inspired to stand up and embrace this challenge…. and that is how Mosafer, the travel lifestyle department store was born from this vision! He created a Mosafer team, who shared this inspiration, and with a string of achievements behind them, this vision was turned into reality.